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Smartink NFC Case DIY

Smartink NFC Case DIY

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Introducing the For iPhone Phone Case with DIY Smart Display and Customized Ink Screen Glass Projection. Download our exclusive APP to project your own DIY pictures onto the case. Made from top-quality materials, this slim and non-slip case protects your phone while giving you a confident grip. With no built-in battery or connecting cables required, achieve dual screen display and enjoy flawless functionality. Install, activate NFC, choose your image, project, and you're all set. Includes 1 x Phone Case. Other items not included. 

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This Smartink NFC Case is a game-changer! It projects personalized images onto my phone case, giving it a unique touch. The hybrid material protects my phone from daily damage, without adding bulk. With its NFC technology, no batteries or cables are needed. It's a perfect fit and all buttons work flawlessly. - Sarah Johnson ★★★★★

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Unlock the Future with Smartink NFC Case

Unleash Your Creativity

Sick of your boring phone case? Our DIY Smart Display Phone Case allows you to set your own personalized pictures, giving you the freedom to express your creativity. Say goodbye to bulky cases and hello to a slim, confident grip that protects your phone from daily damages. Unleash your inner artist and transform your phone into a work of art with our Ink Screen Glass Projection Cover.

Ultimate DIY Phone Case

Transform your iPhone into a personalized masterpiece with our DIY Smart Display Phone Case. Download our exclusive APP to project your own pictures onto the case, giving you the freedom to change the design anytime. Made from top-quality materials, this slim and grippy case protects your phone while showcasing your unique style. Experience the future of smartphone cases with our battery-free, cable-free, NFC-operated ink screen projection technology. Perfectly designed to fit your iPhone, it allows seamless access to all buttons, switches, ports, and speakers. Upgrade your phone case game today.

Unleash Your Phone's Potential

Unleash Your Phone's Potential with a DIY Smart Display Case - project personalized images onto your phone case and achieve dual screen functionality, all without the need for batteries or cables. Made from top-quality materials, this slim case provides the perfect grip while protecting your phone from daily damage.

Ink Your Style

Are you ready to express your unique style? Introducing Ink Your Style - the innovative phone case that lets you showcase your creativity like never before. With our exclusive APP, you can project personalized images onto the case from your phone's gallery or create your own designs. Made from top-quality materials, it provides ultimate protection without compromising on style. The slim profile ensures a confident grip while preserving the phone's original design. No batteries or cables required - simply use NFC to transmit data and content. Experience flawless functionality with easy access to all buttons, switches, ports, and speakers. It's time to make a statement with Ink Your Style.